Wetlands and Waterscapes

Brant Friesen Original Drawings
March 20th to April 27th, 2017
The Silk Art Gallery 
2419 Clarke Street
Port Moody, British Colombia

The Wetlands and Waterscapes Exhibition at the Silk Art Gallery, in Port Moody’s historic Gallery Row showcases 14 original graphite on paper drawings by Brant Friesen. The exhibition opens on March 20th and it closes on April 27th, 2017.

The “Wetlands and Waterscapes” drawings on exhibit at Port Moody’s Silk Art Gallery are inspired by my experience living on the south coast where the Pacific Ocean and the mighty Fraser River and its tributaries are so much a part of daily life. Most of the drawings of the wetlands, ocean, beaches, lakes, and rivers are from my travels in British Columbia with a sprinkling of drawings from as far away as the Red River in Winnipeg.”

“Water and skies are a constant theme in the stories that unfold in my drawings and oil paintings. These are the everyday stories of the people who spend their working lives on the water and those who are drawn to the water for the pure pleasure of the experience.

My goal is to draw you into the story, to set the mood, to create depth and a larger than life illusion. The scenes tend towards panoramas and most of the settings are modern day locations that you can visit today and some harken back to a more nostalgic time in our history.